Outstaffing Services
by Faqtory

Today having a website or at least a landing page is important for any company as all the business moves to the Internet. And if you want something to sell online, then creating an online store is the number one task—no matter how important it is to customize your application or software for business.

Such a project requires specialists: programmers, layout designers, testers, and content managers. You can hire them in your state, but it is costly and requires time. Besides, after you've got your website or a project done, you still have to pay your employees.

There is a way out! Just evaluate our outstaffing offer.

What is outstaffing? It's a management model when you get your professional team to perform all the tasks, but you do not hire it permanently. All the pros are working under the Faqtory's management, yet you are in full contact with them, providing them with tasks you need and monitoring their performance. The main difference between outstaffing and outsourcing business models is the client's involvement in the remote team's work. In outsourcing, the team leader, an employee of the company, provides all the control and management. In outstaffing model, it is you who keep abreast with all processes.

Outstaffing Services

What Pros Are Available for Outstaffing in Faqtory?

  • Front-end, backend or full-stack developers.
  • Blockchain, smart-contracts, solidity, Defi developers.
  • UX/UI designers.
  • Content managers & SEO pros will help fill the site with texts and images.
  • Marketers conducting market research and launch advertising campaigns.

You are welcome to get a turnkey project performed by our outstaffing team or just apply for single pros for customized tasks. We can claim our staff having extensive experience in all kinds of web development projects. The sense of responsibility and strict adherence to deadlines are also among the benefits of our remote team members.

Our outstaffing services can help you to get the most skilful pros for your project. Besides, to get your project done with strict regulation of processes by our managers, you are welcome to choose our outsourcing services. Just visit that webpage for more info.

How to Get Faqtory's Services.

Everything is easy! Please, send us a request, a specification or just a plain idea texted so we'll collect the most relevant products and solutions to offer you.

After we get your idea, we'll value it, create a plan or a strategy and start our work.