Outsourcing Services
by Faqtory

Recently, narrow-profile pros have become much more appreciated, meaning many companies involve employees from external sources. The outsourcing service is very popular today. We couldn't pass through that option at Faqtory, we have real IT pros from software engineers to blockhain and mobile experts.

Outsourcing work is based on the main principle - to keep to yourself what you can do better than others. External employees are transferred to what they can do better than the personnel of the customer's company. The main purpose of transferring functions from contractors to subcontractors is to free up resources and focus all enterprise efforts on competitive advantages. That's what we can do for you. With some narrow-profiled work i.e. creating your website design, you can apply for our web design pros to get the project done—no need to hire them permanently.

Outsourcing Services

Why Are Remote Teams from Faqtory the Best Solution Today?

  • You don't need to hire your staff officially. We work with you under a service agreement.
  • For short-term tasks, you get a team or individual professionals without having to pay them a salary all the time. The work is carried out with payment for the project.
  • Faqtory employs high-class professionals - it is difficult to find such employees for a permanent position.
  • You save on the maintenance and provision of staff with working places, offices, equipment, and office supplies. All specialists work on their own equipment remotely.
  • This is cost-effective: optimize project costs with our remote teams.

Contact us to apply for an outsourcing service. There is also a great option to get our outstaffing team to work on your project. Just click here for details.

How to Get Faqtory's Services.

Everything is easy! Please, send us a request, a specification or just a plain idea texted so we'll collect the most relevant products and solutions to offer you.

After we get your idea, we'll value it, create a plan or a strategy and start our work.