IoT is a technology starting its expansion over the world. IoT development is also called m2m development (Machine-to-Machine). Simplified, it is a system in which devices communicate with each other without human intervention. These can be enterprise security systems, smart home systems, or an accounting system for a logistics company. Do you want to be ahead of your competitors, providing the most top-notch technologies in your business? Well, probably it is IoT you need to gain success!

Outsourcing Services

Where can IoT technologies be applied in business?

  • Transport management and logistics;
  • Health care;
  • Industry and manufacture;
  • Smart house devices retail;
  • AG.

Faqtory offers you efficient complex solutions for IoT implementation in your business. No matter if you want just to equip your office with up-to-date IoT devices or you require a complex solution for your plant or factory, we'll cope with it. Our developers create effective and logical applications to manage IoT technologies on every business scale, from accurate house management using digital and network solutions to providing precision farming or digital management in industrial areas.

With us, the term IoT won't be just a word for you. We'll make it work efficiently for your business. Just bring us an idea, and we'll transform it into a product you need to implement in your business with hi-tech solutions.