Design is not just making the product attractive for the customer visually. With IT products, the main mission of every designer is to provide the user both with aesthetical pleasure from dealing with it and making it the most comfortable for use. In IT, all the work that designers of software and applications provide can be divided into 2 categories that are UX and UI design. The first one is responsible for the functions, adaptability of the product, and what emotions it evokes in users. The clearer the interface, the easier it is for the user to get the result and take the targeted action.

UI design includes work on the graphical part of the interface: animations, illustrations, buttons, menus, sliders, photos, and fonts.

Both parts of work are important as in combo they provide the most brilliant result. In Faqtory, our experienced UX/UI designers work closely together to create a product that will meet all the expectations of users and the customer.

Outsourcing Services

We adhere to several rules in our UX/UI design routine. They are:

  • Clarity as the design does not allow ambiguity.
  • Brevity necessary for the user's successful experience.
  • Recognizability that helps in the promotion of your app/website.
  • A quick response that is essential for user-friendly products.
  • Aesthetics. Visual content is a key factor that attracts users.

Do you want your website/app to be interesting and recognizable yet convenient for use? Let's make them like this with the help of Faqtory's pros.