Blockchain & Defi

Blockchain is the technology of the future already recognized even by the most talented businessmen. And it doesn't concern only the crypto theme as blockchain development can be used in lots of industrial and social cases. It is based on an open database, securely encrypted and confirmed by all participants in the network, and each record in the chain directly depends on the previous ones. Smart contracts are used to manage transactions based on blockchain technology. While digital currencies are alternatives to real money, blockchain is a reasonable alternative to banking institutions and any intermediaries. Moreover, it would be correct to talk about blockchain, not as one technology.

In Faqtory, we put great attention to developing whole blockchain projects and implementing them into your business processes. Being experienced in using blockchain infrastructure, we provide its solutions in our work. We can write any smart contract for your blockchain ideas. Besides, if you have any colossal idea for releasing your NFT token, we'll support it and provide you with the NFT token's release in the most brilliant way.

Outsourcing Services

Our services will be useful for you in these cases:

  • You have already faced blockchain technologies and want to release your own blockchain project.
  • You want to get the most experienced pros in blockchain technologies to develop web services based on the technology.
  • You seek pros who will provide you with the most efficient and reliable online banking product based on blockchain.
  • You are interested in crypto mining or creating your own cryptocurrency exchange to earn money using that popular business.

In all these cases, our services will come in handy for you.